This is Calavera Hills Marquee
Calavera Hills Nature Preserve Sign
This is Calavera Hills Top overlooking the landscape and mountain range
Calavera Hills Condominium with induvial single car parking garages
BBQ spot in community center besides the pool for Calavera Hills residents
Condos in Calavera Hills are walking distance away from community center
Calavera Hills Mystic Point sign
This hill house residing in Calavera Hills have fair view of the landscape and mountain ranges
Walking Trail leading to the top of the hill starting from residential area
This is Calavera Hills Trails Public access sign
Calavera Hills Community pool and Spa area
Residents can come and enjoy the community Spa and pool at their leisure in Calavera Hills neighborhood
Children play area in Community Center of Calavera Hills Neighborhood
Regulations sign at the Calavera Hills Trail
The Condo is on sale in Calavera Hills neighborhood featuring community center with all modern facilities including but limited to pool, spa and BBQ
Play area for children while parents enjoy the Spa and community center activities in Calavera Hills neighborhood
Residents come to the pool to enjoy and relax at this beautiful pool
A view of the houses from the trail in Calavera Hills
Calavera Hills Home residents enjoy fair views
The view of the Condos on the residential street of Calavera Hills
Every condo include garage in its plan for peace of mind for the residents of Calavera Hills community
Management keeps the lawn and green well maintained for the residents of Calavera Hills Condos
This pool is located at the foot of the hill, providing residents of the Calavera Hills amazing backdrop while they take a dip